“Four more days ’til Hallowe’en, Silver Shamrock!”.

And four more days ’til Cigarette Burns Cinema’s All Hallows’ Eve All-Nighter at the Regent Street Cinema.

You’ve got your tickets and your costume, right?

Good. “But what,” we hear you tremulously murmur “are Those Unfortunates going to be playing, apart from a selection of their own songs that we love so much?”.

We’re glad you asked. In no particular order, you’ll be treated to:

Tell The World We’re Not In by The Pedlars

…as featured over the opening titles of 1970 Judy Geeson starring incestuous twin shocker Goodbye Gemini.

Scream and Scream Again by Amen Corner

…as featured in, er, Scream and Scream Again, the bonkers 1968 Christopher Lee/Vincent Price acid bath sci-fi horror vehicle.

Alligator Man by Stoneground

…as featured in Dracula A.D. 1972, in which Christopher Lee’s vampire hits swinging London’s King’s Road with cheesy results.

The Devil Rides Out by Icarus

…as NOT featured in the excellent film based on the Dennis Wheatley book of the same name . Though apparently the band were invited to the premiere, which was nice of them.

Monsters Rule OK by The Viewers

…from 1980’s likable, silly, cheapo Brit horror portmanteau The Monster Club.

And maybe a surprise if you’re very, very bad.

See you there.

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