It’s been a bit of a year. Today’s not the day to be retracing the specifics, but we’re sure we can’t be the only ones who can’t stop looking back just yet. Too much has happened.

While it’s been happening, the four of us have been writing, playing and trying to make sense of everything together. And we wanted you to hear some of what we’ve made, while it’s still fresh.

So here it is: Smiley, our Christmas present to you. We wrote it over the summer, first played it in Germany in August in front of our European friends, and recorded it in Ben’s bedroom at the start of this month, with the help of the wonderful Tom Hatfield. It feels like a reflection of how we’ve felt this past year – still raw and angry and confused – but it means a lot to us all. We hope it might mean something to you too.

Please listen, watch Seb’s video and, if you like it, please share. You can download it from here.

Merry Christmas from Those Unfortunates



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