Hello, we’re Those Unfortunates. We hope you are well?

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Those Unfortunates4 days ago

Hi @DVSA_HelpMe, the Driving Theory Test booking service has been offline all week- I have emailed but had no reply. It’s not possible to book a Theory Test over the phone using the 0300 number. Please can you advise when this will...

Those Unfortunates4 days ago

A boarded-up passageway in London’s Notting Hill Gate Underground Station, opened for the first time since 1959. https://t.co/7l1ivtayNW

Those Unfortunates5 days ago

Hi @DVSA_HelpMe, the online booking form for Driving Theory Tests has been down for past 24 hours- emailed @pearson yesterday lunchtime but no reply. Please can you investigate?

Those Unfortunates2 weeks ago

Do you like train-based content ✓

Do you like football-based content ✓

WELL here is the train that runs through the football stadium of amateur Slovakian team, TJ Tatran Čierny Balog. https://t.co/1oeF3QisK2

Those Unfortunates
Those Unfortunates4 weeks ago

An exciting chance to save Whitechapel Bell Foundry - if the developers can be persuaded to sell... https://t.co/hsYKsAMnw0

Those Unfortunates
Those Unfortunates1 month ago

This should be excellent- we always make time for Mr Haines https://t.co/pSwgQKQKWo

Those Unfortunates
Those Unfortunates2 months ago

We're off on our holidays and taking a little break from Facebook, but you can still contact us by e-mail- mail@thoseunfortunates.com. Have a lovely summer!
(Photo by the excellent Martin Parr, but you knew that)

Those Unfortunates3 months ago

One song from our concept single, Two songs about football, which is out on Gare du Nord Records on Friday 11th May 2018.
Two Songs About Football is a concept single; both songs are about football. The band have timed its release to ensure...

Those Unfortunates5 months ago

One song from our concept single, "Two songs about buses", which is available now on Gare du Nord Records:

Those Unfortunates7 months ago

A free unfestive download, recorded by Thomas Hatfield, and available from here:

Those Unfortunates1 year ago

Here's the Facebook Live video of our back garden concert in Leipzig. You won't see much, as it gets dark, but at least you can hear everything. Perfection is not an aim.

Those Unfortunates1 year ago

Here's the Facebook Live stream of our secret gig in Ostkreuz. It's dark, it's grainy, the camera is in the wrong orientation. Sounds alright though. Perfection is not an aim.

Those Unfortunates1 year ago

Paternoster fun in Leipzig with Those Unfortunates.